Assistant Flight Instructor

Assistant Flight Instructor

After obtaining Commercial Pilot License, one of the best career prospective is Assistant Flight Instructor (AFIR). This profession can help edifice ample number of flying hours and at the same time enormous knowledge while training the trainees in the due course of employment. Under privilege of  AFIR, Upon further experience and completion of requirements, one can become Pilot Instructor and Chief Flight Instructor in any of the Flying Training School. 

It is not always necessary, that every pilot wishes to join an airline alone. There are many, who would like to make their career as Flying Instructor’s. For such aspirants, SFA offers the AFI endorsement program, to upgrade CPL holders into Assistant Flight Instructors. Our Chief Flight Instructor is a DGCA certified Examiner. The extent of training varies from individual to individual. However, a fresh CPL holder may require about 70-100 hours of flying training and associated Ground classes/p>


  • Duration: - 6 Months
  • Eligibility: - CPL / FRTOL/RTR with 200 hours as PIC
  • Age: - Shall not be less than 18 years of age
  • Medical Fitness: - As prescribed by DGCA
  • Note: - The student should be proficient in English

Minimum Requirements (DGCA)

Flight Training

  • 10 Hours of Patter Flying
  • /ul>

    Ground subjects

    • Candidate shall pass an oral examination in the following subjects conducted by DGCA.
    • Mechanics of Flight
    • Methods & Techniques of flying instructions
    • Flight Instruments

Incidental Fees

Particulars Price
Language Proficiency Test - ICAO Rs. 15000
Language Proficiency Test - ICAO Rs. 15000
Language Proficiency Test - ICAO Rs. 15000
Language Proficiency Test - ICAO Rs. 15000